Beating the heat

Yes, it’s hot, and maybe you are too.Especially when you get your electric bill because your AC is running overtime. There are some things you can do to lower your bill and stay cool at the same time. First, make sure your system has been checked to operate at it’s peak efficiency, has clean filters, and is set on a reasonable temperature. Then try these saving tips: If you feel like after doing these things it’s still not cool enough, it may need some professional help. Just give us a call and let us take a look. Stay cool out there!

Posted 108 weeks ago

Things are yellow...

Yes, it’s that time of year again. When things start blooming and things get yellow. Some sneezing and sniffling too! The pollen is starting to take over Greensboro and that means some of us will be outside more, and some of us will be inside more. For those of us who prefer the inside, here are some tips for making your home a better place to breathe.HVAC systems must be properly designed, installed, and maintained to ensure good operation to help you and your home breathe better. Ventilation is a key.Follow a regular maintenance schedule for your the HVAC system. Regularly service the filters and humidifiers. Install special high efficiency filters in the HVAC system. A quick consult with us  to ensure your system is properly designed for your home. Use exhaust fans in potential problem areas, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and hobby rooms, to exhaust contaminants generated inside the home. Residents can supply additional make-up air to the inside of the home by using mechanical fans when outdoor temperatures are favorable in the spring and autumn. When temperatures are severe during the summer and winter, air-to-air heat exchangers may be installed to supply make-up air. These units exhaust stale, warm air from the house and transfer the heat in that air to fresh air being supplied from the outside. In air-conditioned houses during the summer months, heat is transferred from the incoming warm air to the outgoing air, causing a reduction in the energy required for air conditioning. Homeowners also can install fans that supply outdoor air directly to the return side of the HVAC system. These fans are usually installed with a timing mechanism or manual control to regulate the amount of outdoor air supplied to the structure. This type of system works effectively to supply make-up air. So give us a call if you want you and your home to breathe a little easier this spring and summer.

Posted 124 weeks ago

Old man winter....

I have heard that it will be a mild winter this year. I also remember what it was like here last February and March. Now I’m not a weatherman, but I sure would not count on it living here for as meany years as I have.9 inches of snow in March was enough for me. When it gets that cold and the weather is bad, it’s not the time to find out you need to repair your home heating system. It’s one of the reasons we have our maintenance contract. It covers you for these type situations because we have already checked your system and should it need service, we are there to keep you and your home warm.It’s probably one of the best and cheapest “old man winter” insurance policies you can have for these cold Greensboro winter months. Just give us a call, and let’s cheat old man winter this year.

Posted 143 weeks ago

Summer is here..

It could be one of the hottest summers on record.

Now that temperatures are rising and staying up for longer periods of time, it’s important to take a few steps to make sure your home is ready. Many of the calls we go on in Greensboro have one thing in common, no maintenance was done on the home’s unit. Like you, I like to save money too. Simply put, it actually costs you MORE when you have to fix a problem that was caused because a low cost and simple check of your system was not done and that caused a bigger and more expensive problem. The truth is, no one makes a unit that will not break down eventually. But, most are very good at what they do and will give you years of service if taken care of properly. No one likes to come home to a hot house, and in the summer when schedules are tight, the response time to repair may get longer.The best thing to do is give your system a chance to avoid any of those problems and let it do it’s job.We do a quick and simple check of your unit that actually comes with a service agreement that would cover you in the heat of the summer and when it gets cold this winter. Just give us a call, and we will give your unit the best chance to keep you cool this summer.

Posted 168 weeks ago

Spring Tune Up is here.

Winter is finally over. Can you believe it? Soon you might be wondering when the heat will end. Like they say, be careful what you wish for. We get a lot of calls from folks here in Greensboro about how their heating and air conditioning system just isn’t working like it use to when warmer weather hits. It could be many things, from the unit itself to something minor like a thermostat or filter.  So, we have decided again this year to bring back our popular           ”spring tune up special”. I mean, who doesn’t like to save a little money?For only $69.00, we are offering a 6 months service agreement, ac check and a discount on parts and labor. This is a great way to get your system ready for the hot months ahead and get priority appointments if something goes wrong during the summer. While it can save you hundreds of dollars, customers tell us the piece of mind knowing your ready and avoiding coming home to a hot house is why they get it every year. If you would like to know more just give us a call. We are here when you need us.

Posted 176 weeks ago

Winter indoor air quality

This time of year, it’s easy to get that “dried out” feeling in your home. Itchy skin, dry eyes and even some nosebleeds because of low moisture or ‘humidity" in your home. One way to help is the use of a humidifier as running your heat for many days like these may “dry out” the air. While everyone is different, ideal levels of humidity for your living space should be less than 60% in the summer and between 25 and 40% in the winter according to the EPA. A cool mist humidifier can offer some relief to get your humidity levels back to normal and are usually an inexpensive way to start.To check your levels, get a humidity gauge available from most local home improvement stores. Depending on your size home and living area, one or several units to a whole home system may work best. You will feel better, and breathe easier.

Posted 187 weeks ago